Komperdell Carbon Airshock 2010

The Komperdell Carbon Airshock is a very lightweight pole, thanks to the use of carbon fibre in the shafts. The poles also feature anti-shock, which makes the lower weight even more impressive. The anti-shock can be turned on and off by rotating the pole. The pole is a full 137cm long when fully extended, which means it will benefit those walkers who are over 6ft tall more than some shorter poles. There is a good handle design with foam padding. Also you get a grip down the shaft for use when negotiating uneven boulder fields or zigzagging up steep slopes. There is a good neoprene wrist strip that is wide and well-cushioned for extra comfort. But the Komperdell Carbon Airshock’s anti-shock device is too easily switched on and off by rotating the pole. The result is that you are not quite sure if the pole is set to anti-shock at times as it switches between these settings without you being aware. The handles are not tilted as much as some designs, so they are not ideally angled for the hands. However the main drawback is the price as even anti-shock versions of other poles at a similar weight cost less.

Handle EVA foam
Shaft carbon fibre
Max length 137cm
Min length 71cm
Weight 466g per pair
Made in Austria
Stores in the UK no info provided

A good, lightweight pole with comfort-enhancing features, but the high price lets it down.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2010