Komperdell C3 Carbon Powerlock (2012)

The C3 Carbon Powerlock is described by Komperdell as its lightest trekking pole, with the weight saving being attributed to the carbon pole materials used in the top two sections of the pole. The lower section is made from aluminium alloy. However it is not the lightest pole we looked at. In part the extra weight may be because this is a full-length pole of 145cm when fully extended, rather than a cut-down 130cm version. Also this pole has an external Power Lock length adjustment system, which is heavier than the internal designs used on most poles. I’ve never yet found an internal locking system to work for many years, but external locking systems do appear to last longer in my experience. The handle is a similar design to many other poles and it is comfortable. There is a good grip on the shaft too. The packed length is long, which is a drawback when stashing these onto a rucksack. But the main problem is the Komperdell C3 Carbon Powerlock’s price as it is double that of some poles we looked at, and there are fliplock designs such as the Black Diamond Trail Compact that are also half the price of this pole.


Shaft material 2 carbon and 1 aluminium alloy

Handle material EVA foam

Maximum length 145cm

Packed length 70cm

Weight 478g per pair

Anti-shock cushioning no

Website www.komperdell.com 


The Komperdell C3 Carbon Powerlock is an excellent pole in every way in terms of its performance but it does not appear to offer any major benefit over other poles that are lower in price.


Review by Graham Thompson