Kohla EVO Micro Tour

If you plan on stowing your trekking poles on your rucksack for long periods while scrambling or mountaineering or making winter ascents with ice axe in hand, then this is the best choice by a long way. The big advantage of this pole over its rivals is that it has a packed length of only 56cm, so you can stow it on the side of your rucksack without fear of it snagging on rock or poking your mate’s eye out! It extends to 130cm, making it ideal for most adults. At 514g per pair, this is also a lighter option than most – great for those who only use their poles for sections of the walk. The handle and hand loop are very comfortable and the padded grip extends down the shaft which is ideal for traversing slopes. But this is a four-part pole, so it takes longer to adjust to full length, while the thinner diameter of the tubing means it won’t be as strong as some other poles. The straight handle design is not as comfortable or as efficient to use as the tilted hand grips of other poles. It has no anti-shock, and is not the cheapest either.


Handle: EVA padded
Shaft: 7075 aluminium alloy plus foam sleeve
Max length: 130cm
Min length: 56cm
Weight: 514g per pair
Made in Austria
Stores in UK: England 30; Wales 5; Scotland 5 Ireland 3

Verdict: Buy it if you want a short packed length and a long hand grip for mixed terrain and need to stow the poles on your ’sack for long periods.