Klymit Inertia X-Frame (2013)

A lot of thinking has gone into the Klymit Inertia X-Frame. It’s incredibly small when packed (the size of a bean tin), can literally fit in a pocket and comes in at 237g. It’s a remarkable feat. Uninflated it resembles one of those scissor-cut paper snowflakes; those holes are a canny way of saving weight and also creating something called ‘loft pockets’, which basically allow bits of your sleeping bag to fluff up into the holes, create pockets of warmth and keep the chill off cold-prone areas, which the mat is cut to mirror. For this to work properly you need to have the mat inside your sleeping bag, which sounds wrong but actually works well given the narrow dimension of the mat. It’s a good length – 180cm – and its sell is impressive, being ‘the lightest and most compact full length pad available’. It’s the quickest mat in our test to inflate, and has a decent push-and-twist valve that prevents you having to race the escaping air to close it. It also comes with a pump for adjusting the pressure to higher than is possible via the main valve. All this comes at a cost, though, and as well as the price, the trade-off is comfort. The Klymit Inertia X-Frame is an unusual design, it feels it, and it will take some getting used to.

Dimensions (LxWxD) 180x45x3.8cm
Warmth range 3-season, rating sleeping-bag-dependent
Alternative sizes none
Weight (with stuffsack) 237g (246g + 30g pump)
Repair kit / pump? yes / yes
Insulation body-mapped air channels with lofting holes
Website www.klymit.com


The Klymit Inertia X-Frame is a revolutionary mat that’s unbeatable on weight. Not for everyone, but ideal for lightweight fiends.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine April 2013