Kathmandu WLP (2013)

Kathmandu’s hydration bladders are made for them by Source, so you can expect and will get a certain level of quality. The design of the WLP is slightly unusual. The bladder has a squashed doughnut shape with a gap in the middle. This is to allow the bladder to fit more comfortably in a backpack when full. Rather than becoming deeper in shape and protruding into the main body of the pack, this design makes the bladder wider but shallower. Unfortunately, despite the secure and convenient fold and lock closure along the top, the way the bladder is shaped makes it impossible to get a hand inside to clean out the lower half of the reservoir. The quick-release hose attachment, secure bite-guard lock and included mouthpiece cover are all great features, and the water from the Kathmandu WLP is completely taste-free. In use this is excellent, but its shape makes cleaning and drying it all a little awkward.

Capacity 2 litres
Dry weight 214g
Material polyurethane with antimicrobial agent
Other sizes 3 Litres


The unusual design is both a blessing and a curse. The features of the Kathmandu WLP and the taste of the water are good, but other comparable bladders are lower-priced.

Review by Ben Weeks
First published in Trail magazine September 2013