Katadyn Vario (2013)

The Katadyn Vario provides a very versatile level of performance that’s ideal for backpackers and travellers who need a tool to obtain clean water in a wide variety of situations. It features a filter inside that will remove bacteria and parasites, and it can remove viruses if you add some Micropur Forte tablets (silver ions combined with chlorine) to the water. A unique feature of the Katadyn Vario is that the flow rate can be adjusted between a Faster Flow mode for relatively clean water to a Longer Life mode for dirty water, and in this latter mode a pre-filter protects the main filter from debris to extend its service life. The service life is 2,000 litres, which is very high compared to other devices and only the internal filter needs to be replaced at this stage. To use the Vario you just drop the inlet pipe into the water source and then either screw the filter to a bottle or use an output hose to fill hydration bladders or other containers. The price of the Katadyn Vario is also very competitive when its versatile performance is taken into account, making it an ideal all-rounder for a wide variety of backpacking and hillwalking situations.

Filter type 0.0003mm fibreglass filter, carbon
Effectiveness bacteria, parasites, debris
Flow rate 2 litres per minute (Long Life mode)
Service life 2,000 litres before filter cartridge has to be replaced
Size 19x10cm Weight 425g
Website www.katadyn.com



The Katadyn Vario is the best water treatment option for all-round versatility that we looked at.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2013