Katadyn Pocket Filter

For serious travellers this is by far the best water purifier we looked  at. You get a 50,000 litre service life which equals unbeatable running costs of just 0.4p per litre. So although the initial costs are high, if you’re a regular user you will soon get your money back. The flow rate is great too at 1 litre per minute. It’s also easy to use, with an inlet pipe that has a pre-filter and a float. There is no iodine in the system, so (provided you don’t have to treat it for viruses after filtration) the water tastes great. The build quality and durability of this unit are second to none, and it’s supported by a 20 year warranty. But It is heavy at 520g and annoyingly the outflow doesn’t get a flexible pipe and can’t be screwed to a collection bottle. If you suspect viruses are in the water, then you need to buy some iodine tablets yourself and add them to the water. But the price tag is the major drawback, of course.


Filter type: 0.0002mm filter, silver
Replacement cartridge: £110
Effectiveness: bacteria, parasites (viruses with additional iodine which isn’t provided)
Flow rate: 1 litre per minute
Service life: 50,000 litres
Packed size: 24x6cm
Running costs:
1 litre = 0.4p up to 50,000 litres
1 litre = 0.22p over 50,000 litres
Weight: 550g
Made in Switzerland
Stores in UK: England 300: Wales 100: Scotland 100: Ireland 100

Verdict: Buy it if you are travelling for long periods where reliability and filter life are the priority, as this is second to none.