Katadyn MyBottle (2014)

Emblazoned with the Swiss flag  – which in the case of knives and chocolate is good news, so why not this too – the Katadyn MyBottle is a nifty combined water bottle and filter system. The idea is you can fill it with water from almost any source (lake, river, dodgy foreign tap) and the internal microfilter strains out viruses, chemicals and turbidity to give you safe hydration wherever you are. You need to buy additional filters (around £40) and each cartridge has a modest life of 100 litres – equivalent to 160 600ml bottles full. But this is a very good solution for travellers and backpackers on single or extended trips for whom weight and convenience are priorities, but capacity and longevity less so. 

Capacity 700ml (600ml with filter)
Weight (empty) 260g
Other sizes? no


The Katadyn MyBottle is best for travellers.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine July 2014