Jack Wolfskin Wolfmat King Size

Self-inflating mats come in all sizes and shapes, but if you really want to be comfortable look no further than the Wolfmat King Size. This mat offers unprecedented comfort with a very durable outer and a form core inner coupled with a huge size.


Like conventional self-inflating mats the Wolfmat is based around a core of CFC-free foam. As a rule of thumb the thicker the foam the warmer the mat, while any mat with a foam core will be warmer than one without – so this is going to be very warm as it is 7cm thick. The shell is made from a tough 75 denier polyester that feels far more durable than the lighter mats tested here. Also the base and surface are both textured to help prevent slippage across the tent.
The mat comes in a large stuffsack and self-inflates when the valve is opened, but does require some breaths to get it fully inflated. The mat is by far the largest here at 195x65x7cm and so it’s ideal for larger campers – or those who simply like king-size comfort!
The Wolfmat feels very durable and ideal for throwing in the car and heading for a valley campsite.


On the hill
The packed size is the main drawback of this sleeping mat, as it is very large and too big to strap to a rucksack and walk off into the mountains with. The weight is a drawback too as it is by the far the heaviest mat here at 2700g.
However, having driven to the campsite, I immediately appreciated its performance. It inflates quickly and I felt less concerned about puncturing it compared to others. Also, as it has foam core insulation, it took the chill away better than others when kneeling or sitting on it, and also provided better cushioning against rocks and lumps on the ground when kneeling. When lying down it was perhaps not quite as nice and bouncy as the thicker, air-filled mats – but equally it offered better cushioning against stray rocks when I moved around. That huge size meant I could spread out without worrying about slipping off the edge,  and I’m sure larger campers will really appreciate that extra thickness and dimensions too.


Materials antislip polyester
Insulation open-pore CFC-free foam
Thermal resistance unknown
Temperature rating unknown
Inflated size 195x65x7cm
Pack size 68x22cm
Weight 2700g
Made in China
Stores in the UK 50
Stockist details – tel. (01434) 633363; www.jack-wolfskin.com

Verdict: The Jack Wolfskin Wolfmat King Size is warm, comfortable, huge size, excellent cushioning against uneven ground when kneeling, sitting or sleeping. But it’s extremely heavy with a huge packed size. Overall, it’s perfect for base camping comfort, but the size and weight mean this is only useful to car campers


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2009