Hope Vision R4 LED (2013)

The most powerful headtorch in our test, the Hope Vision R4 LED can pump out 1000 lumens over a distance of 105 metres. But what’s really neat is that you can select between two sequences of operation. In ‘Race’ sequence you get that full power option but much less battery life (just 2.5 hours at 1000 lumens). However in ‘Trail’ sequence you can get 50 hours at 50 lumens, which is more than enough for most general walking and camping situations. It is this range of power that sets the Hope Vision R4 LED apart. The lamp can be adapted to fit onto a helmet or bike handlebars, and the battery pack can be worn on the head or placed in a pocket. It is heavier than others but it is also built to take more abuse. In terms of operation you get one nice big button on the top and a tilting head without a ratchet, but the friction is good so it tends to stay in place. You cannot fit AA batteries, which is a drawback if you are away from power sources for weeks at a time, and it does have a high price tag; but the Hope Vision R4 LED durable and offers a unique range of performance benefits.

Bulbs 4 x high-output white LED
Brightness 1000 lumens
Maximum beam 105 metres
Maximum burn time 50 hours
Batteries rechargeable 7.4 Volt Li-ion
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 289g



The Hope Vision R4 LED is a very high-output headtorch that is ideal for biking, and on its ‘Trail’ setting it is also great for walkers and campers – but if you don’t need that biking facility, other lower-priced options will probably provide all you need.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2013