Hope Vision Adventure

Use this for walking in woods, across unpathed moors or for Alpine starts and you’ll love its huge lighting power. It makes walking at night almost as easy as walking in full daylight. You get three power settings too, so you can save battery power and set it on flash if in need of rescue. The headtorch is very robust and would be quite at home on the helmets of Mountain Rescue personnel. The head tilts, and a relatively chunky nut and bolt secure it in place. Considering the performance, the weight of 312g (including batteries) is actually quite light.  But all that performance comes at a high price tag, which will be enough to turn most people away. Annoyingly you can’t stray too far from a power point with this, as it will need recharging every 13 hours. You cannot fit conventional batteries either, which further limits its flexibility. Compared with some it is not quite as comfortable on the head either, while a ‘power remaining’ indicator would be very useful, particularly as it needs recharging so often.

Vital stats
Bulbs 2 x 5 watt LED,
Batteries rechargeable battery (included)
Max burn time 13 hours
Weight with batteries 312g
Made in UK
Stores in UK
(only directly from Hope)


Verdict If you really want to see what you are doing on a night hike then this is perfect but it offers more than some will need.