Hope Technology Vision R1 LED All Sports (2014)

If you want raw power, then the Hope Technology Vision R1 LED All Sports is for you. It pumps out a massive 500 lumens and is built to really take the knocks. This makes it ideal for mountain biking, but also anyone who is going to be really rough with their kit and use it on a nightly basis for walking or biking. The R1 has a single high-powered LED that’s built into a metal housing, so this isn’t going to break if you step on it! A meaty battery pack is provided that fits on the back of the headband and together this lot weighs in at 279g, so it isn’t as comfortable as lighter units. Operation is via one big button and there are six output settings from ultra-low to maximum plus strobe. The torch will switch to its lowest power and flash every 15 seconds when battery power is low. The only power source is the battery pack, and this has to be charged directly from the mains – so you cannot fall back on spare AA batteries if you run out of power. In the All Sports option featured here, however, you’re provided with a spare battery to take with you if needed.

Bulbs 1 x high-power LED
Maximum brightness 500 lumens for 2 hours
Maximum beam 100m
Maximum burn time 50 hours
Batteries rechargeable 7.4V Li-ion battery pack
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 279g
Website www.hopetech.com



The Hope Technology Vision R1 LED All Sports is a superb headtorch for power-hungry activity where durability is also essential; but most hillwalkers will probably find the lower-powered, lower-priced and lighter headtorches are more appropriate to their needs.

Review by Graham Thompson
Published in Trail magazine February 2014