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This has been a Trail Recommended water purifier in the past and it has some major advantages over other units. Primarily, you get a huge flow rate of 1.7 litres per minute, making this ideal for those who want to filter a lot of water quickly. You also get an inlet pipe that has a prefilter and a float, and you can screw the filter to a Sigg or Nalgene-style water bottle. This makes using this unit fast and very easy to use. It will remove viruses without addition of iodine due to the 0.1/0.4 micron filter that strains out contaminants, which is a big plus: as there is no iodine, the water tastes great too. But at 425g this is not the lightest option and the filter cartridge only has a 400 litre service life. This means the running costs are high, particularly as this has quite a big price tag compared to some options. This is really the only drawback of this system though; the initial layout is still far less than some others, so if running costs and weight are not an issue then this is the one for you.


Filter type: 0.0001 nominal/0.0004mm Absolute filter, carbon
Replacement cartridge: £35
Effectiveness: bacteria, parasites, viruses
Flow rate: 1.7 litres per minute
Service life: 400 litres
Packed size: 15x13x7cm
Running costs:
1 litre = 23p up to 400 litres;
1 litre = 8.7p over 400 litres
Weight: 425g
Made in USA
Stores in UK: England 4; Wales; 0; Scotland 0; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you occasionally want a fast, efficient filter, as more regular users may find the weight and running costs offputting.