Gelert Adventure

Low-priced poles, and with anti-shock technology too. As you might expect, these aren’t the toughest poles on offer, although in most circumstances their strength is absolutely fine. They are let down by the anti-shock system, however, with the spring sticking when walking in snow and muddy conditions. The spring was almost comically delayed, bouncing back halfway through an arm swing. It also makes these poles noisy. The grips are made from a tough plastic, which feels a bit harsh on ungloved hands, even though cut-out strips do aid grip. The handles are at least long enough and sit quite well in the palm, and the straps contain a bit of neoprene for some softness, but they would benefit from more adjustment.

Material: Aluminium
Weight (pair): 628g
Packed/max walking length: 68cm/140cm
Anti-shock: Yes
Contact: 01766 510300;