Garmin GB Discoverer Regional Series (2012)

To address the obvious, this is not a cheap option. 1:50,000 mapping of all the UK National Parks will set you back £80, while a map of the entire UK at the same scale is a steep £200. But you’re not just purchasing the software – you’re buying into a system. The mapping has been designed for use specifically with Garmin’s range of GPS devices to ensure that the software is as good as the hardware. The maps include detailed topographic data such as terrain contours, elevations, summits, paths and geographical points. They also have NAVTEQ road data, allowing compatible devices to provide turn-by-turn directions. The free BaseCamp software supplied with the maps lets you plan and organise your routes on your PC or Mac for transfer to your GPS unit. You can also view your routes on a 3D map. Plus, purchase a Garmin GPS device new and you may find much of this mapping pre-installed or available at a reduced cost.

Price from £80
Computer mapping PC and Mac
GPS receiver mapping yes
Smartphone mapping no



This Garmin mapping software is best for GPS users.


Review by Ben Weeks

First published in Trail magazine September 2012