Fujifilm Finepix S100 FS 2008

Though it may look like a fully-fledged D-SLR, this Fujifilm FinePix S100 FS is actually an advanced compact camera. It packs in an incredible 14.3x zoom lens that runs from 28mm (ideal for landscapes as you get pretty much everything in the frame), through to 400mm (perfect for filling the frame with distant subjects and isolating detail). The beauty of this all-in-one solution is that you’ve got a single lens that suits all occasions and, unlike a true D-SLR, you won’t have to haul a bagful of lenses uphill to get the same breadth and depth of zoom coverage.
With such a long zoom lens, camera shake can become a problem, so the S100 FS features a new lens-shift image stabilisation mechanism to help compensate for any vibrations during picture-taking.
Nestling inside the camera is a 11.1 megapixel sensor with a range of film simulation modes on offer, so you can recreate old film favourites like Velvia and Provia digitally. There’s all the manual controls you’d expect to find on a D-SLR too, with composition accomplished via the electronic viewfinder or 2.5in tilting LCD screen. It is however very heavy, and fairly pricy.

Resolution 11.1Mp
Lens 14.3x zoom (28-400mm)
Screen 2.5in
Memory type xD-Picture card & SD/SDHC
Video capability yes, with sound
Dimensions 133x94x150mm
Weight 918g (without battery and card)

The Fujifilm S100 FS is the perfect multi-purpose camera – it’s packed with features  for the serious photographer, while being simple enough for the novice to take great shots with.

Review by Phil Hall from Digital Photo magazine
First published in Trail magazine September 2008