Freeloader Portable Solar Energy

The Freeloader is a pair of solar panels plus a battery unit that is cocooned inside a stylish brushed aluminium casing. Unfold it and you get a slick, space-age design that sits beautifully alongside a mobile phone or iPod and wouldn’t look out of place in Business Class. On the hill it is ideal for those travelling light who just need a small amount of charging power. It is the lightest 1.5W solar panel, and the casing adds very useful durability for when it is stored in a rucksack. It comes with a selection of plugs and wires that make it compatible with a wide range of phones, MP3 players, PDAs and GPS receivers as well as digital cameras and Sony PSP units.


Power output: 1.5W
Charging time: 5 hours to charge internal battery, providing 2 hours’ talk time on mobile phones or 18 hours use of iPod
Size: 12.3x6.2x1.7cm
Weight: 185g

Verdict: Best for low power requirements when traveling.