Flexcell Sunpak 7 Watt

You can tell real depth of thought went into this solar panel’s design. Roll it open and the words ‘solar power’ suddenly take on a whole new meaning. This looks like it could power the Space Shuttle – and survive a trip to Mars! It’s made for serious users who want loads of power, so you get a 35x150cm solar panel that kicks out 7W. This is a truly durable piece of kit, which is why it is a little heavier than others. Simply unroll and plug in your electronic device via a universal cigarette lighter adapter in the end. It rolls into its own neat stuffsack so you can store it or carry it in your pack easily. This is superb for outdoor activity where durability and high power output are needed on a regular basis, but it’s too big to strap to your rucksack when unrolled, and it’s heavy.


Power output: 7W
Charging time: 1-4 hours for most applications
Packed size: 35x6.5cm
Weight: 700g

Verdict: Best for high power user on expeditions or while camping.