Fizan Compact Ultra Lite 2010

The Fizan Compact Ultra Lite is the lightest pole in our test, and the lightest three-section pole in the world according to the manufacturers. It is pretty short when packed too so it will easily fit on the side of the rucksack. It does not have plastic ferrules (the short plastic sleeves) at the end of the pole sections, which are there to prevent damage to the ends of the pole shafts. This does not seem to be a problem at the moment, but time will tell as I will be using a pair from now on to see what effect this lack of ferrules has. The grip is an EVA-cushioned design that is well-shaped for the hand. There is a padded neoprene wrist loop too and again this is comfortable. The pole uses the usual internal expanding bolt locking mechanism. The weight is the big advantage of this pole but the price is good too, making this a real bargain. But there are poles that pack down to a shorter length. The Fizan Compact Ultra Lite does not have anti-shock, but Fizan makes a wide range of models that do have this feature. The handles are not tilted forward for extra ergonomic comfort when walking, but to be fair most poles are like this. A grip on the shaft would be a good addition for use on mixed terrain.

Handle EVA
Shaft 7001 aluminium
Max length 129cm
Min length 58cm
Weight 340g per pair
Made in Italy
Stores in the UK these poles are out now. We are told they will be in 75 stores by March 2010

If you want a lightweight pole (and why wouldn’t you?), then the Fizan Compact Ultra Lite should definitely be top of your wish list. It won the ‘Best Value’ accolade in our test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2010