EFX Portable Solar Charger

At just 148g, this is the lightest solar panel we looked at, but it is also the one with the least features, so does it boast enough to make it a worthwhile purchase? It comes with a USB output slot and a small removable fold-down stand at the back. Just plug in your USB lead and the juice from this solar charger will power up your phone, minidisc, MP3 player, GPS or Game Boy. Additional cables are also available for use with devices that lack a USB connection. Like some others there is no casing, and you cannot strap this to your rucksack. It’s great if you are careful with your kit and need something to recharge your phone in the evenings, but it’s not up to much more than that.


Power output: 1.2W
Charging time: 5 hours to charge internal battery
Size: 12.3x12.8x1.5cm
Weight: 148g

Verdict: Best for travelling very light and recharging when sitting comfortably.