Drinksafe Systems X1 Travel Tap Pure Water Filter Bottle 2011

The Drinksafe Systems X1 Travel Tap Pure Water Filter Bottle is an attractively priced option that’s very convenient for swigging from during a walk. It’s extremely simple to use – just remove the cap, fill with water from a stream, pop the lid back on and squeeze the bottle to force the water through its spout. The filtration takes place as the water passes through the cap and has been shown to be effective against bacteria, parasites and viruses. The Environment Agency has tested it, and units have even been supplied to Haiti Disaster Relief. The bottle comes with a carrier and shoulder strap so you can have it ready at all times. But like other filter systems of this type, it’s not so good for dealing with large quantities of water. Also, as there’s no pre-filter, it’s recommended that you take a little more care when collecting, as really dirty water will clog the internal filter and reduce the unit’s longevity.

Filter type 0.0002mm filter
Replacement complete unit £25
Effectiveness bacteria, parasites, viruses
Flow rate speed of user sucking through filter
Service life 1600 litres before unit needs replacing
Packed size 25x9cm
Running costs based on unit replacement 1 litre = 1.5p up to 1600 litres; 1 litre = 1.5p over 1600 litres
Weight 226g
Made in UK/USA/Far East
Number of stores in the UK 75
Stockist details – tel. (01752) 830271; www.drinksafe-systems.co.uk

An extremely well-priced drinks bottle that’s ideal for drinking with confidence on the move.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2011