Drinksafe Systems Waterstraw 2011

The Drinksafe Systems Waterstraw is about as simple and light and low-priced as it gets. It’s a water straw by name and by nature: all you have to do is remove the caps from each end, place one end in the liquid and suck through the filter at the other. When you’ve quenched your thirst, just shake the Waterstraw dry and replace its end caps. Collect some water in a cup or bottle so you don’t have to lie down on a riverbank to drink. The filter has a shelf life of 700 litres, after which time the whole piece of kit needs to be replaced. But even if you used this to drink a litre of water every day, that’s still almost two years of daily use.  However because it’s designed to filter water directly at source, you’d need to store any water for later using a container. Drinking is a less pleasurable experience using a Waterstraw than using a cup, so it’s really an emergency tool, or best for those who want to travel ultralight. When it finally reaches the end of its life the whole unit has to be replaced.

Filter type 0.0002mm filter
Replacement complete unit £20
Effectiveness bacteria, parasites, viruses
Flow rate 300ml per minute
Service life 700 litres before unit needs replacing
Packed size 20x2cm
Running costs based on unit replacement 1 litre = 2.8p up to 700 litres; 1 litre = 2.8p over 700 litres
Weight 36g
Made in UK/USA/Far East
Number of stores in the UK 75
Stockist details – tel. (01752) 830271; www.drinksafe-systems.co.uk

The Drinksafe Systems Waterstraw is an ideal emergency water purifier, but it’s not so good for enjoying a drink during a walk or while sitting around a campsite.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2011