Cyba-lite Egg (2013)

As the name suggests the Cyba-lite Egg has been designed with an egg-shaped housing, and this encloses the batteries, power switches and lights. There is one white LED that has two settings; on maximum power this gives out 85 lumens for 10 hours while on the low setting the Egg emits 10 lumens for 120 hours. This is good for general camping and walking, although having the ‘Boost’ option that higher-priced headtorches are provided with would be a useful addition. There is a red light too but there is no battery power indicator, which is not ideal bearing in mind the 10 hours of power you get at 85 lumens. All these functions are operated by a very positive button on the end of the housing, and this can easily be located and operated while wearing gloves, thanks to its position. The batteries fit into the wide part of the egg-shaped housing but the cover is tricky to open even with dry hands, while cold wet hands would make this a very frustrating task. The Cyba-lite Egg does tilt well though and a ratchet holds it in place.

Bulbs 1 x high output white LED; 1 x red LED
Brightness 85 lumens
Maximum beam 60 metres
Maximum burn time 120 hours
Batteries 3xAAA
Battery charge indicator no
Weight with batteries 83g


The Cyba-lite Egg is a good, well-priced headtorch; and while you can get better performance if you spend more, it is superb for the money.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2013