Craghoppers Superlite (2012)

Craghoppers is best-known for its travel and walking clothing range, but the Superlite is an exceptionally good product with a very good price to match its performance. It’s a three-section pole with internal expanding locking joints similar to those featured in other poles. But you also get an anti-shock device that can be turned on or off by rotating the top pole section, a feature also built into the Mountain King poles. This feature works well, although you can inadvertently turn it on or off when you least expect if you jam the pole end, but it is more secure than some similar designs.  The handle is a very comfortable cork design, and there is a good padded grip that extends a short way down the shaft. It would be better if this grip extended further, but it is still useful. The wrist loop is easy to adjust like many others but it is not quite as well- padded as the higher-priced poles. The Craghoppers Superlite is only 125cm long when fully extended so very tall people may prefer a longer pole; but this pole does benefit from being short when collapsed at 60cm – and it's reasonably lightweight too at 488g for a pair.


Shaft material aluminium alloy

Handle material cork grip, foam padding, neoprene strap

Maximum length 125cm

Packed length 60cm

Weight 488g per pair

Anti-shock cushioning yes



The Craghoppers Superlite is a very well-priced pole with some great features for hillwalkers including a good packed size for stashing on a rucksack.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine March 2012