Cotswold Outdoor Explorer UL (2012)

These are actually made by Italian manufacturer Fizan and offer a decent budget option. Lightweight with decent strength under loading, they don’t flex too much. The lack of an anti-shock system may not suit everyone, but wasn’t a problem in use. Handgrips are fine and straps do the job with minimal amounts of fuss and reasonable comfort. The twist-lock system worked well enough during tests although a lack of plastic grips at each overlap joint made them differ from all the others tested. This didn’t seem to affect use over the test although I suspect it may be significant with more long-term use.

Sections: 3

Material: 7001 aluminium alloy

Weight (pair): 334g

Length (packed/usable): 58/132cm

Anti-shock: No

Contact: 0844 557 7755;

*Published in Country Walking magazine, March 2012