Coleman Multi-Colour LED Headlamp (2012)

I particularly liked the rotating control knob on the Coleman Multi-colour LED Headlamp as it made switching between settings a doddle. You get three power settings from the main white LED; however this provides a very narrow beam of light, which is not as useful when hillwalking or camping as the broader beams provided by other torches. There’s also a red setting for night vision and a blue setting for map reading. But the blue setting sucks the colour out of rivers and lakes making them indistinguishable from the surroundings, so a green setting that renders green forested areas invisible is a better option in many mountainous areas where forests are less common but rivers are vital navigation landmarks. There is also a ‘battery power remaining’ indicator, which is very important, as the battery life is relatively short. The Coleman Multi-colour LED Headlamp’s batteries are held neatly in the headlamp housing and are easily accessed via a screw cap that is opened with a screwdriver head moulded into the headband buckle. I did manage to fit the batteries and not secure this screw cap properly which resulted in the batteries falling out, so some care is needed here to prevent such accidents.


Bulb 1 x high power LED; 2 x red LED; 2 x blue LED

Brightness 70 lumens

Maximum beam 75 metres

Minimum burn time 22 hours

Batteries 3xAAA

Battery charge indicator yes

Weight with batteries 102g




The Coleman Multi-colour LED Headlamp works reasonably well, but the features are not quite as good throughout as those provided by other headtorches.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2012