Coleman Exponent (2007)

This headtorch is quite an unusual design as the torch section is very small while the battery pack is very large, yet the two work very well together thanks to careful design, some padding and a top-of-head strap. The head tilts very neatly thanks to a good ratchet that confidently ‘clicks’ into place during tilting. Two buttons provide three power settings plus a red lamp for night vision and a flash for emergencies. For this low price you get a lot of great features, and the level of light is ideal for camping and walking. But the beam is quite narrow compared to some designs, while a lot of headtorches are much lighter. The tilting head is riveted in place rather than bolted, so it wouldn’t be so easy to adjust if it loosened in the future.

Bulbs: 1 x 1 watt LED; 4 x 0.5 watt LED
Batteries: 4 x AA (included)
Max burn time: 17 hours
Weight with batteries: 227g
Made in: China
Stores in UK: 100

Verdict: Not the lightest or brightest, but a good-value headtorch with a good level of performance and light output for walking and camping.

Review first published in Trail magazine, September 2007