Coleman CHT15 (2014)

What inspiration the Coleman CHT15 lacks in terms of its name, it more than makes up for in terms of its performance. The headtorch produces 150 lumens for 6 hours, or 35 lumens for 27 hours, which is good for a night on the hill. The main white beam can be switched between four settings and you can also select strobe, red or blue lighting. Operation is via a button on the top, which like most buttons isn’t ideal to operate with thick gloves on, but it is possible to change settings. The head tilt mechanism has a reassuring ratchet that allows it to be adjusted easily while ensuring it stays in place once set. The Coleman CHT15 has the easiest battery compartment to use in our test, thanks to a moulded key on the strap buckle that is used to unscrew the battery housing end cap. It would be nice if when this is screwed back in place it gave a resounding secure click, but it does appear stiff enough not to loosen during use. There is a red battery power indicator that warns when the battery is running low. There isn’t a lot wrong here, although if you pay twice as much you do get extra brightness or some rather tasty additional features.

Bulb 1 x high output white LED; 1 x red LED; 1 x blue LED; 1 x white LED
Maximum brightness 150 lumens for 6 hours
Maximum beam 55m
Maximum burn time 27 hours at 35 lumens
Batteries 3xAAA
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 108g



The Coleman CHT15 is a great low-priced torch that would be ideal for general camping and hillwalking, but like most torches the button could be slightly better for use with gloves. It won Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award.

Review by Graham Thompson
Published in Trail magazine February 2014