Coast HL27 (2014)

This headtorch punches out 309 lumens, which is incredible considering its price tag; and it also has a unique means of adjusting the light output. There is a metal wheel located behind the main housing, and you just need to rotate it to alter the setting. Moving this wheel with fingers is easy enough but it does not stay adjusted in the lower power output as the wheel is too lose, resulting in the power setting reducing further than required. Wearing gloves, the wheel is more difficult to use than a button. The head does tilt, but this is also not secure once adjusted and tends to flop around too readily to allow good lighting ahead. Compared to other headtorches you are not getting many additional features with the Coast HL27, as you only get the one bulb, plus the ability to change its setting, while other torches have additional bulbs for example along with strobe settings. There is a good focusing control, however, which allows the beam to be adjusted from wide to narrow just by rotating the housing. Other headtorches around the price offer better adjustment of the light source and also have better tilt mechanisms.

Bulb 1 x high-power LED
Brightness 309 lumens for 33/4 hours
Maximum beam 122m
Maximum burn time 99 hours
Batteries 3xAAA
Battery charge indicator no
Weight with batteries 194g



The price of the Coast HL27 is good but the control of the head tilt and control of the power output are not as good as other products at this price.

Review by Graham Thompson
Just missed out on being in Trail magazine February 2014