Casio G Shock Riseman 2009

The Casio G Shock Riseman is a very tough watch with a recessed face for added protection. In the main Time mode, there is a huge amount of information in a relatively compact area, but Casio helps direct your eye to the right area by well-thought-out design. The red eye in the top left gives you your barometric and altimeter readings. The top half of the screen displays the date, and the bottom area is for the time.  But the buttons are recessed and tricky to work with gloves. Even with Casio’s neat design touches there is a lot of information crowded onto the screen. There is also no compass, which might be an issue.


Screen size 28x17mm
Weight 62g
Features altimeter range -700m to 10,000m, temperature range -10 to 60 deg C, waterproof rating 200m

Verdict: The Casio G Shock Riseman is possibly the toughest watch on test, with an impressive waterproof rating, but the lack of a compass and a very small screen size might make this a less attractive prospect for some.


Review by Matt Swaine
First published in Trail magazine September 2009