Canon PowerShot G9 2008

This handsome little compact offers all the creative controls you’d hope to find on a digital SLR (D-SLR), but in a neat, durable body. Weighing in at 320g, it’s by no means the lightest compact around, but it has a reassuringly solid finish that will doubtless appeal to hill-walkers.
It sports a 6x optical zoom lens (ranging from 35-210mm), giving good reach, though you may have to take a couple of steps back to get everything in  frame if you’re shooting landscapes (not recommended on cramped summits!). The PowerShot G9 also offers a 12.1 megapixel sensor that not only shoots in standard JPEG, but also in RAW format, allowing you to get the very best out of your images in Photoshop later on.
Along with a large 3in screen that dominates the rear of the camera, there’s a traditional viewfinder too, offering an alternative if you prefer composing images that way. It can also be handy if the sun makes it difficult to see the screen. There are also manual focus controls as well as the ability to set your own shutter and aperture values if you wish.

Resolution 12.1Mp
Lens 6x zoom (35-210mm)
Screen 3in
Memory type SD/SDHC
Video compatibility yes, with sound
Dimensions 106x71x42mm
Weight 320g (without battery and card)
If you love the creative control of a D-SLR, but don’t fancy lugging all the extra weight and lenses around, then the PowerShot G9 from Canon is the answer, offering images that won’t disappoint. We rated it as the most versatile camera in our review.

Review by Phil Hall from Digital Photo magazine
First published in Trail magazine September 2008