Brunton Solar Roll 14 2010 solar panel

If you are miles from civilisation for weeks on end, the Brunton Solar Roll 14 is for you. It is ideal for expeditions when laptops, cameras and phones have to keep on working. It comes rolled into a handy storage cylinder; it is waterproof and could easily be attached to the roof of a car or tent thanks to eyelets at the corners. Basic cables allow it to plug into the standard 12V connectors available with most devices, and a pair of battery clamps are also provided. It has the power to charge a range of batteries and devices rapidly, a real bonus in the UK’s inevitably cloudy weather. Pro photographers, big expeditions and true wilderness adventurers should consider it if they need to stay in contact with civilisation. But you have to be in desperate need of battery power to warrant spending this much. So while the Brunton Solar Roll 14 is ideal for camping in remote locations and expeditions, it is really only of use in these situations. Other units come with a host of adapters to make things easier for the user. It is bulky and heavy too, so again it’s best for more serious expeditions.

Vital stats
Charging time
1 hour to charge a mobile phone; 1-3 hours for satellite phones, video cameras, digital cameras, GPS receivers; 2-4 hours to charge a portable DVD player; 5-10 hours to charge a laptop computer
Power output 14W, 15.4V, 900mA max
Packed size 34x12cm
Weight 481g
Stores in the UK no info provided
Stockist details – tel. (023) 9252 8711;

If you want real power at your fingertips in the middle of nowhere then the Brunton Solar Roll 14 is perfect, but the size and price make it a specialist tool for
the professional.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2010