Brunton Pulse 1500 (2014)

Thin and feather-light, the Brunton Pulse 1500 is the ideal emergency bump-charger to carry in your pack for those times when you need a bit of extra power. The integrated Micro USB output is a handy feature for charging certain phones and tablets, and the built-in USB input device makes it easy to plug in for charging. There’s also a push-button capacity indicator that acts as an on/off switch. Its relatively low capacity of 1500mAh matches that of many smartphone batteries (and in Trail’s experience you’re likely to get less than the stated charge with most of these products), making it perfect for a boost or a backup on a long day walk or wild camp.


Capacity 1500mAh
Weight 56g
Weather-resistant? no
Output 1 x USB, 1 x Micro USB
Charging method USB
Onboard storage? yes


Buy the Brunton Pulse 1500 if you just want a back-up.

Review by Simon Ingram
Published in Trail magazine June 2014