Brunton Hydrogen Reactor (2014)

The Brunton Hydrogen Reactor won several industry awards on release in 2013. It relies on small canisters of hydrogen, which it mixes with oxygen from the air to produce ‘clean’ energy. The product’s innovative nature cannot be knocked. What’s less impressive is the practicality aspect: the two supplied ‘Hydrocore’ canisters weigh will last for six iPhone charges before either needing to be exchanged for a charged cell at an equipped retailer (£4), replaced with a new one (£12.50), or recharged at home using a Hydrolyser device (£225). Broken down rather more soberly, considering a £12.50 charged cell is equivalent to 15 AA batteries and each holds its ‘charge’ indefinitely, it starts to make more sense – particularly for off-grid backpacking trips. 


Capacity 8500mAh per hydrogen core 
Weight 240g with full core installed
Weather-resistant? no
Output 1 x 2A USB
Charging method hydrogen core
Onboard storage? yes


Buy the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor if you live the latest technology.

Review by Simon Ingram
Published in Trail magazine June 2014