Brasher Anti-Shock Rubber

These walking poles from Brasher have a wedge system on the straps which is fiddly to adjust, but they feel comfy once you set the correct length. The rubber handle is slightly lumpy and the various grooves chafe after a few miles. The locking mechanism is not very positive to adjust, but stays secure, and the optional anti-shock is useful. These are fairly heavy, but have a good maximum length. Height markings on the bottom section would have been good, especially at this price.

Verdict: Optional anti-shock makes these a good choice if you are undecided about its benefits. Let down by their relatively heavy weight.

Length: 68-145cm

Weight: 300g

Anti-shock: Yes; can be turned off

Handle: Rubber composite; wide neoprene padded strap

Pole: 7075 aluminium alloy; carbide tip

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