Blacks Quattro Compact

The Quattro is a good all-round trekking pole with a great price of just £40 per pair. It weighs in at a very respectable 512g per pair and packs down to just 57cm, so it is ideal for stowing on your rucksack while scrambling or holding an ice axe during a winter walk. The maximum length is 135cm, which is more than enough for most walkers. The handle is rubber with a foam covering for comfort. The hand loop is very comfortable and you can easily adjust it for length. So this is a pole that does not excel in any way, but offers most of what many walkers will want. It manages to just about edge out other poles in its price range too, and that is why I like it. But there is no anti-shock, so you may prefer other designs. The four pole sections take more adjustment to length and also they are arguably not as strong as other poles with fewer sections. Also, you do not get a grip down the shaft or a tilted handle for a more natural grip. The pole lacks some of the finer details of other poles, but it still offers the core features that most walkers will require.


Handle: foam rubber
Shaft: 7075 alloy
Max length: 135cm
Min length: 57cm
Weight: 512g per pair
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 53; Wales 0;  Scotland 8; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want low-priced, compact pole without anti-shock, as you will struggle to find anything better at this price.