Black Diamond Storm (2012)

The Black Diamond Storm appears to provide everything its name suggests, as it offers a range of features to help you walk through a night-time storm safely. Firstly it is surprisingly small and compact at just 110g, so you’ll happily stash it in your rucksack ready for action. It punches out 100 lumens, which is a notch more than similar headtorches, and this provides a 70m beam. The beam is quite narrow and not quite as clean as the Petzl for example, and it cannot be switched to a wide beam either. You also get a red LED too, which is a worthwhile addition when hillwalking during the earlier hours of the evening when you want to maintain your night vision. The operation of the unit is superb, thanks to an extremely positive button that progresses intuitively through the output options. The tilting head works well, although it has a slightly limited range of motion compared to some. The battery housing has a screw lock, which can be operated by the screwdriver-shaped moulding on the headband buckle. The Black Diamond Storm’s battery life is very respectable too, being 50 hours on full power and 200 hours on minimum output.


Bulb 1 x high output white LED; 2 x white LED, 2 x red LED

Brightness 100 lumens

Maximum beam 70 metres

Minimum burn time 200 hours

Batteries 4xAAA

Battery charge indicator yes

Weight with batteries 110g




The Black Diamond Storm may not be perfect for everyone in every way, but it does have a feature set and performance level that will suit most hillwalkers and campers.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2012