Black Diamond Spot

This is an exceptionally lightweight headtorch that is also very compact. The battery case is pure genius as it opens just by tilting the head further than normally required. One button provides six power levels plus flash, and these offer a good level of light for camping and walking. The head tilt is held in place with a moulded ratchet. This is a wonderfully designed headtorch that makes the most of what it has.  But the light beam is not as bright or as long as some others here, though it is still adequate for walking at night. You do not get a top-of-head strap for extra stability and security. As there is only one button it does take some practice to learn how to switch between all the power settings. Like many others there is no ‘power remaining’ indicator.

Vital stats
Bulbs 1 x1 watt LED, 3 x LED
Batteries 3 x AAA (included)
Max burn time 120 hours
Weight with batteries 88g
Made in China

Verdict A superb lightweight headtorch that is well-designed and ideal for general camping, some night walking and emergency use.