Black Diamond ReVolt (2014)

The Black Diamond ReVolt is designed to meet the increase in the availability of USB recharging facilities, such as laptop computers, solar panels and battery packs. This headtorch can be used with standard alkaline batteries, or fitted with rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries that can be recharged in situ, just by connecting it to a laptop, solar panel or battery pack. The battery housing cover isn’t quite as easy to open as some others, but there’s a ‘battery power remaining’ light, which is useful. The torch can fire out 110 lumens of light for 70 hours, which is ideal for general hillwalking and night navigation. A very neat feature is the ability to dim the light, just by keeping your finger on the button, and then select the power you want by releasing your finger. Operation of the Black Diamond ReVolt is via the single button on the top, which is large but somewhat indistinct, meaning I tended to operate the button even if I didn’t want to. The tilt mechanism is very secure, but it was that stiffness that caused me to inadvertently adjust the power setting when adjusting the tilt while wearing gloves.  

Bulbs 1 x high power LED; 2 x white LEDs; 2 x red LEDs
Brightness 110 lumens for 70 hours
Maximum beam 70m
Maximum burn time 300 hours
Batteries USB rechargeable NiMH or 3xAAA
Battery charge indicator no
Weight with batteries 97g



The Black Diamond ReVolt is a great all-round headtorch with good power for general hillwalking, coupled with the ability to easily recharge the batteries via USB devices; but the design isn’t absolutely perfect, particularly for use with gloves.

Review by Graham Thompson
Published in Trail magazine February 2014