Berghaus Stainless Steel Flask 2014

This product from Berghaus – a brand you might not naturally think of when choosing a flask – includes a stainless steel cup with a plastic liner so you don’t burn your lips. The cup fits easily and there is a plastic press-button pourer, similar to many designs. In the lab test its contents lost 9 deg C in the first 2 hours with an overall drop of 25 deg C. The Berghaus Stainless Steel Flask is only available in a 500ml version, whereas you can get larger capacity and better performance at this price.

Capacity tested 500ml
Sizes available 500ml
Dimensions 7x24.5cm
Weight 345g

The Berghaus Stainless Steel Flask boasts a low price, but only half litre size.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine October 2014