Berghaus Hydrapak (2013)

The Berghaus Hydrapak is a fairly simple and lightweight offering. The opening is of the fold-over and slide-lock closure variety, and because this goes across the full width of the bladder it provides great access for cleaning and drying the bladder. The tube just pushes onto the bladder outlet, and is quite stiff to attach or remove. This of course means that it’s not going to come off easily, which is a good job because this would result in the water flowing freely out of the bladder. But this difficulty in removing the hose also makes cleaning the Berghaus Hydrapak more difficult. The bite valve features a twist lock to turn off the flow of water. This lock is extremely stiff and awkward – particularly if wearing gloves – and feels like it could easily be over-rotated and broken. The bite valve itself also has a really strong rubbery taste to it, which rather spoils the flavour of the water – and the lack of a mouthpiece cover means you could easily pick up far more unpleasant tastes on the hill.

Capacity 2 litres
Dry weight 122g
Material polyurethane
Other sizes 3 litres


The Berghaus Hydrapak is a well-priced bladder with a good closure system, but it’s let down by more basic features elsewhere, plus that unpleasant tasting bite valve.

Review by Ben Weeks
First published in Trail magazine September 2013