Arc’teryx 100l Carrier Duffel 90 (2014)

Always a stylish choice, Arc’teryx’s 100l Carrier Duffel is a masterclass in simplicity. Weighing a feathery 680g, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s simply too insubstantial to be of use. But you’d be bang wrong. The waterproof ripstop fabric delivers a great weight-to-toughness ratio, while the taped seams and subtly weather-resistant flaps and zips offer protection from the elements. Four slight but sturdy handles on each side make it easy to grab, while the removable shoulder straps with minimal – but surprisingly comfortable – foam pads allow you to sling it on like a backpack. If that’s not enough, a silicone treatment helps dirt and water slide off the material, while the roomy inside is bright white to illuminate the contents. There’s no denying it: the Arc’teryx 100l Carrier Duffel is one slick sack.

Capacity 98 litres
Weight 0.68kg
Material N400r-AC nylon 6 ripstop



Buy the Arc’teryx 100l Carrier Duffel if you want lightweight simplicity.

Review by Dan Aspel
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2014