Anquet Maps Mac (2012)

This software has been created specifically for use with a Mac and an iPhone. The iPhone app is £13.99, and with the free Mac software downloaded you can select your own customised area of mapping, pay for it (the National Parks package at 1:50,000 is £15, for example) and transfer it to your iPhone. This software is Mac-only, but if you purchase the app you can plan and plot routes directly on your iPhone without the need for extra software or a computer. Available mapping includes OS Explorer and Landranger, and Anquet is expanding the range. There is also a free Anquet Maps Lite app. Like the full version, it includes free low-detail mapping and can be used to plan routes, but it doesn’t allow the transfer of purchased maps. This is the first of its kind for Mac computers, and there have been reports of teething issues – but it’s worth a go. The version for PC users is well-proven, and can be found at

Price from £13.99
Computer mapping Mac only
GPS receiver mapping no
Smartphone mapping iPhone only



This Anquet Maps mapping software is best for Mac users.


Review by Ben Weeks

First published in Trail magazine September 2012