Alpkit Carbonlite

At just £43 for a pair, this trekking pole is an absolute bargain. But it offers more than just a low price tag, as it also only weighs in at 400g, which is exceptionally lightweight. The low weight comes from the carbon pole shafts, which are intrinsically lightweight as well as being very stiff compared to other poles. They pack down to 67cm, which is very respectable when you consider their maximum extension is 140cm. The extended length is also longer than most poles that have a short packed length, and it’s therefore ideal for the taller walker who still needs to be able to stow the pole easily. The design is fairly simple with a straight padded handle and a comfy hand loop that can be easily adjusted. Use this for general walking and mountaineering, and you'll find it ideal for most situations. But this pole is only available via the Internet, so you can’t try it before you buy. The pole lacks the shaft grip and also the more ergonomic tilted handle of better poles. There is no anti-shock mechanism either. So clearly there are some reasons here to spend more cash on a different pole.


Handle: EVA padded
Shaft: Unidirectional carbon
Max length: 140cm
Min length: 67cm
Weight: 400g per pair
Made in China
Stores: online only

Verdict: Buy it if you want a very lightweight, yet strong, pole or want exceptional value for money and don’t require some of the nice but non-essential features of other poles.