Ajungilak D-Lux Pump Mat

A mat with extra insulation to cope with winter days or for those who feel the cold more easily in summer. The D-Lux Pump Mat is also thicker than a standard mat and comes with a pump action and pillow profile for fast inflation and comfort.

The D-Lux Pump Mat has a thin layer of MTI synthetic insulation inside, and this can be felt when handling the mat. At the head end there is a thick layer of insulation that forms a pillowed profile. Inside this pillow there is also a pump, operated by pressing on the pillow area with the foot. A couple of valves at each end allow rapid deflation too. Once inflated the mat is an impressive 198x66x7.5cm but it weighs in at 1090g. It packs down to an acceptable size, but others in this test go smaller, although compared to a standard self-inflating mat or closed cell foam mat it is a good size.
The combination of all these features gives this mat a thermal resistance of 5.1 according to the manufacturers, meaning it’s one of the warmest here.

On the hill
The manufacturers say the mat can be pumped up in less than two minutes, and this is correct as long as you allow the pump to fill with air before stepping onto it. The pillow area then has to be filled by blowing in the valves. The result is a very shapely mat with a pillow and multitude of channels. The mat is very thick and provides good protection against uneven terrain even when kneeling on it, although a mat with a foam core offers more cushioning for your knees and elbows. When lying down it’s very comfortable, though, which may be because there are so many more air channels in this compared to simpler designs that only have simpler longitudinal channels. That inflated pillow area is particularly good and is something that no other mats in this test have, but I found it a really worthwhile bonus.
The surface isn’t too slippery, partly again due to those numerous channels that also add a little more stability to movement compared to others which can sometimes allow you to slip and slide too easily.


Materials Diamond TX ripstop
Insulation MTI fibre
Thermal resistance 5.1
Temperature rating 5 season
Inflated size 198x66x7.5cm
Pack size 40x14cm
Weight 1090g
Made in Taiwan
Stores in the UK no info provided
Stockist details – tel. (01625) 508218; www.mammut.ch

Verdict: The Ajungilak D-Lux Pump Mat benefits from insulation, pillow, size, durability and packed size. The drawbacks are weight and price, and while the packed size is good there are smaller options. Overall, ideal base camp mat, but weight is a drawback, so best for camping from the car, but extra warmth and pillow are ideal for those that need more comfort.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2009