Pacerpole 3-section Carbon (2013)

Even the field of trekking poles is subject to some wild and dynamic thought. The Pacerpole 3-section Carbon is a prime example of this. Boasting an ergonomically shaped handle that forcibly alters your angle of grip, these poles aim to improve a number of aspects of the way you walk. In Pacerpole’s own words, “You need to reinforce your muscles’ correct memory pattern instead of the sloppy poor one,” so that they are “held in-place for better upper body alignment and balance”. The result, they claim, is an improvement in gait, posture, muscle strength and even breathing patterns. Around half of the Pacerpoles produced are sold abroad, and this small family firm from Cumbria is starting to make waves. As proof of their confidence they even offer a 4-week return window for anyone not satisfied with their products. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a camera mount attachment. On a more practical note, the Pacerpole 3-section Carbon disassembles easily – making the twist mechanism easy to dry and clean – and comes with a basic but extremely effective wrist strap.

Shaft material carbon fibre

Handle material moulded plastic/rubber

Max length 132cm

Packed length 65cm

Locking mechanism internal twist mechanism

Weight 508g (pair)



The Pacerpole 3-section Carbons were the best trekking poles for posture in our test.

Review by Dan Aspel

First published in Trail magazine April 2013