Fizan Compact (2013)

The weight (316g) is the big thing here. The Fizan Compacts are the slightest poles in our test and they should appeal to anyone keen to save every gram they can on the hill. The good news is that they offer this weight rating without appearing to sacrifice comfort or strength. This is achieved through an aluminium alloy construction and a pleasingly minimal design. The leash and grip are slender, while the 3-section construction uses an internal expander with a twist mechanism to tighten and secure the poles to your desired length. There’s little else to confuse the eye or add to the scales. If you’ve had poor experiences with twist-design poles – which can fail if moisture is trapped inside and they’re not cared for properly – then the Italian firm’s design will please you: the Fizan Compact is remarkably easy to disassemble and clean. If kept dry and stored sensibly there’s no reason this mechanism should fail. The lower section of each pole is unmarked and should extend to a set length, leaving just the marked upper section to determine the right sizing for you. It’s another example of the ease and simplicity of these attractive, featherlight poles. 

Shaft material aluminium alloy
Handle material EVA
Max length 132cm
Packed length 58cm
Locking mechanism internal twist mechanism
Weight 316g (pair)



The Fizan Compacts were the best lightweight trekking poles in our test.

Review by Dan Aspel
First published in Trail magazine April 2013