Would you buy a £3,000 rucksack?

Outdoor gear often gets accused of being a bit on the pricey side, but never mind your top-dollar stuff from Arc'teryx and Canada Goose - Louis Vuitton has gone and taken the biscuit.

The handbag-bothering fashion label has commissioned a bunch of fashion luminaries to "rethink baggage" and come up with something crazy. Most of the entries (from the likes of Karl Lagerfield, Frank Gehry and Christian Louboutin, who are apparently big names in a world we don't fully understand) are very much travel baggage, but Aussie designer Marc Newson had a go at a backpack. This is the result: a shearling-and-leather rucksack, a snip at £3,350. Basically the rucksack the Sex and the City Girls would wear if they were yomping up Skiddaw on a wet Thursday afternoon. 'Cos that happens.


Mr Newson says: "I set about trying to collate all of my experiences over the years of owning a backpack. I wanted to concentrate all of the features that I love and try and put them into the piece. Making the thing stand up for example was very important, I hate when you wear a backpack, take it off and it just falls over. This bag has a structure inside to enable it to stand." 

We'll probably stick with an Osprey, but in the meantime, feel free to gawp...