The North Face Hybrid (2014)

Despite coming in at the lowest price-point of all the base-layers here, the Hybrid boasts some pretty impressive technology. The fabric is mapped out according to the body’s hot and cold spots so that the underarms, for instance, are ventilated while the sides are insulated. Under test, it did a fantastic job of regulating my body temperature at a comfortable level, keeping me snug on a crisp, early winter morning. One of the best things about the Hybrid is that I hardly noticed I was wearing it. It’s the tightest-fitting top here, and although at first glance it looks a bit RoboCop, the body-hugging stretch fabric is like a second skin – a softer, more supple one. The crew-neck design means it doesn’t have the versatility of the zip-neck models, but it also removes any potential zip-on-skin irritation. If a zip-neck is a deal-breaker, you can get it for an extra £15, but the crew  is already so comfortable that it’s hardly worth the extra dosh.


Sizes: XS/S-M/L

Weight: 150g

Fabric: 97% polypropylene, 3% elastane

Washing needs: Machine wash warm on delicate cycle. Do not use fabric softener 

Contact: 0800 328 0012