Páramo Cambia Zip Tee (2014)


A fascinating concept well-executed by a British company that knows a thing or two about sweat. The clever Cambia can be reversed for optimal use in both cold and hot conditions, and is therefore rather plain-looking. But you get a deep, two-way zip neck, stretchy fabric plus padded cuffs and hem. 5/5


The reversible fabric is ‘Parameta T+’. In hot conditions you wear the smooth, high-wicking fabric next to your skin, while the honeycomb face aids sweat dispersal. Reversed in the cold, the honeycomb traps warm air next to your skin. It’s this base layer’s unique feature. And it does so while being durable and comfortable. 5/5


Fit is loose, which – while a bit shapeless – gives excellent freedom of movement. Sleeves are generous and the hem is on the longer side, making it less prone to riding up. 4/5

In use

While heavier than some base layers at 179g (size M), the Páramo Cambia Zip Tee is unique in its reversibility. In practice this works, though maybe not as dramatically as you might think. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s there, and when used in a layering system the effect is magnified. The Cambia is designed for Páramo systems but can be used just as effectively with others. It’s sometimes hard to tell which way round you have it, though. But it’s comfy, easy to ventilate, and robust. The look’s hardly super-snazzy, but performance is hard to fault. 5/5


It’s a little costlier than some, but Páramo’s Cambia Zip Tee offers unbeatable versatility for the price. 5/5


Bespoke features for the British hillwalker at a sensible price give the Páramo Cambia Zip Tee an edge: fab. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.8/5


Review by Simon Ingram

First published in Trail magazine October 2014